Mission planner logs download

Mission planner logs

Then, select the log you want to download. This will save that log to your MissionPlanner/logs directory, in a folder named after the vehicle type, such as. Files of the format YYYY-MM-DD hotprofit.info appear in the “logs” subfolder in your Mission Planner installation folder or to the location you select in the. This section contains topics related to mission logging and analysis. Diagnosing problems using Logs · Dataflash Logs · Telemetry Logs · Recording and Playing .

20 Apr - 2 min - Uploaded by Santiago Escala To download logs, these are the steps: Connect pixhawk through USB cable Open mission. Mission Planner does not have support for operating ArduSub, but the log files produced by ArduSub are compatible with the  Telemetry logs - DataFlash logs - Downloading. As I was doing this, I tried deleting all of the files though Mavlink in Mission Planner. First I clicked "clear logs" and then I got a message saying.

Here are a collection of vidieos on how to download, and analyse the logs from your APM or Pixhawk board. Analyzing log data from ArduPilot. I have been flying my solo since December I decided to download all the log files and looked at some of them in mission planner. I notice. There are two ways to record your flight data with ArduCopter. station: Mision Planner, QGroundControl, etc) when you connect your APM to Dataflash logs. I wanted to try looking and messing with log files but it doesn't seem to work correctly in mission planner. My firmware wants me to use terminal.