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Domo workbench

Workbench stores access credentials for ODBC data sources. To properly protect these credentials, Workbench uses industry standard. Workbench is a secure, on-premises data acquisition tool that provides a single connection from your environment to upload data directly to Domo. Workbench allows enterprises to access and upload on-premise data (e.g. ODBC , XML, Excel, JIRA, QuickBooks, etc.) so that it can be analyzed and assessed.

Scheduling workbench jobs with a batch file and wi. Creating Workbench Jobs on Other Instances Workbench doesn't support Group By in a MySQL quer. Encryption, Decryption. Workbench has the capability of providing you tools for encryption to specific fields, tables and/or rows of data, and later decryption. I am wondering if the example used during that workshop is available anywhere or if there are any tutorials for creating a DOMO workbench.

Worried about data that requires special handling (e.g. PII, PHI, HIPAA)? Workbench allows you to either permanently de-identify data, or encrypt then decrypt. You can use Domo Workbench to routinely upload data from Excel, CSV, ODBC, QuickBooks, and other data sources to Domo. Workbench can be downloaded. You can connect to a variety of sources using Domo's Workbench, CSV upload, OLAP & ODBC Connectors, and Domo's published APIs. See how we connect.