Battlefield 1942 raid on agheila download

Battlefield 1942 raid on agheila

Raid on Agheila is a map featured in Battlefield Secret Weapons of WWII that was later added through a patch. The fight between the German and British forces is held at a Libyan town named El Agheila, a coastal port in the north-east of this country near Tobruk. So here I am in re-installing Battlefield and Vietnam. Why? That being FourCentsShy's Raid on Agheila (roa_4cshy_rar). The Battle of El Agheila was a brief engagement of the Western Desert Campaign of the Second World War. It took place in December between Allied forces of the Eighth Army . The manoeuvre was to be masked by bombardments and infantry raids on the forward positions of the Panzerarmee, commencing on the.

Raid on Agheila, a free patch map for the Secret Weapons expansion for BF , now sees modern combat on the fields of BF2. Supported by BlackSandStudio. Battlefield is modification of the Battlefield Modification Battlefield uses approached to historical symbolics of the. While patches for Battlefield are nothing new, the sheer size of the New Map: Raid on Agheila - Raid on Agheila is a new map playable.

of Caen, Raid on Agheila and Coral Sea in all Battlefield maps, For those familiar with the file and folder structure in Battlefield