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Bigfix web reports

Web Reports also has the ability to read the databases of other BigFix Servers and aggregate the data. This offers you a top-level view of a large or far-flung. By default, the Web Reports component is installed along with the BigFix server. Run the Installation Guide (Start > Programs > IBM BigFix > IBM BigFix. Web Reports is used whenever you want to view IBM BigFix data that is spread over multiple databases in your deployment. Beyond aggregation, it is also.

Can you explain a little more of what you mean by “filters” and “bigfix commands” and “reports”? Do you mean within Web Reports? What kind. BigFix. ®. Enterprise Suite. Web Reports User's Guide. BigFix, Inc. Emeryville, CA . Last Modified: June 2, BigFix Version BigFix®, Fixlet®, Relevance Engine®, Powered by BigFix™ and related BigFix logos are trademarks of BigFix, Inc. All other product names.

If I look at BigFix Web Reports, there has been a tremendous leap forward in out of the box content over the recent past. A few years ago, there. IBM Bigfix Webreports security vulnerabilities, exploits, metasploit modules, vulnerability statistics and list of versions. The Web Reports site provides centralized reporting tool for administrators based on active analyses within the Bigfix environment. It allows you to get an.