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Mystic towers game

About This Game. Mystic Towers is an action-oriented and puzzle-filled adventure about exploration and magic. With over 30 different monsters able to crawl. Mystic Towers is a video game created by Australian developer Animation F/X and published by Manaccom domestically and Apogee Software internationally. As Baron Baldric, you are charged with keeping peace for all the common folk of the land. But when the grand Lazarine Towers are overcome with dark forces.

In , Apogee Software, Ltd. publishes Mystic Towers on DOS. This action and role-playing (rpg) game is now abandonware and is set in a puzzle elements. In each tower, Baldric must defeat all the monsters, destroy the monster Press Keyboard right side: Alt+Enter keys to switch to full screen game play, and. An isometric platforming game, and the sequel to Solstice. It features a series of progressively harder dungeons, as well as a number of weapons and spells that .

The game takes place in twelve different towers; each of which contains 5 floors with 9 rooms on each floor. The player's objective is to get rid of all the monsters. Venture into the Mystic Tower, defeat countless enemies, earn Crystals to Game is in Open Beta, report all bugs to either ChadTheCreator or.