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There are some bands out there for which cataloging is a futile effort. You think you have it down, that this riff or that or that vocal line or this drum fill places them . Search This Blog =Folk Metal (1); =Glam Metal (34); =Hard Rock (); =Heavy Metal (); =NWOBHM (); =Power Metal (); =Progressive Metal (47). The New Wave Of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) gave a shot in the arm to the hard rock/heavy metal scene in the late 70s/early80s. By the.

News, reviews and recollections frrom the New Wave of British Heavy Metal and Classic Rock. NWOBHM. Of course, there are hundreds of noteworthy bands and records from the NWOBHM, on which we will focus in the future. Saxon - Wheels Of. (8/10) Cruz Del Sur Music is known for having a portfolio of exciting bands when it comes to more traditional and epic metal. A new addition to it is Canadian.

It's a lot of Saxon on Markus' Heavy Music Blog recently. The only reason for it is the fact that there's a lot of activity in the NWoBHM-legend camp. more. I'm interested in talking to NWOBHM fans and hearing their stories. The tumblr blog of which you speak was something for which I was initially simply a. In addition to the great album, Mark Briody was gracious enough to answer my NWOBHM questionnaire. Thanks Mark and Jag Panzer!. NEW BLOG IS FORGED. Posted by AchiLLeS Gr · 4 comments · http:// hotprofit.info Genre: NWOBHM/Heavy Metal File Info : MP3.