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6 souls shelter

Shelter is a American supernatural horror film directed by Måns Mårlind and Björn Stein, written by Michael Cooney, and starring Julianne Moore and Jonathan Rhys Meyers. The film was released as 6 Souls in the United States on March 1, , for. A female forensic psychiatrist discovers that all of one of her patient's multiple personalities are murder victims. She will have to find out what's happening before. After the death of her husband, Dr. Cara Harding's (Julianne Moore) faith in God has been shaken, but not her belief in science. In an attempt to open her up to.

Shelter aka 6 Souls is about a doctor trying to figure out whether Adam has multiple personality disorder or has something more going on. The rest of the English-speaking world knows this one as Shelter. Changing the title to 6 Soulsmay intrigue at first, but detracts from enjoyment. 6 Souls movie reviews & Metacritic score: Since the death of her husband, Dr. Cara Harding's (Julianne Moore) faith in God has wavered, but not her belief in.

6 Souls has been savaged by just about every member of the critical ago under the title Shelter and only saw theatrical release here about 50 seconds before. SOURCE: BLU-RAY (OWN COLLECTION). Whoever decided to change the title to 6 Souls from its original Shelter should be slapped, mocked. After a three year delay 6 Souls is finally available to watch here in the states. The film was released in the UK under the title Shelter back in.